About us

A small, hard-working team led by father (J.K.) & son (Nick) out of the Silicon Valley in Downtown San Jose, California. Established in 1991, they hit the ground running with a direct approach to finding success. PH Machining and Design Engineering offers services that meet their customers demands.

J.K. Patel


The company was formed by J.K. Patel in 1991. With a background as a quality control inspector for Elecon Engineerings Gear Division in India, Mr. Patel was able to step into the manufacturing world in the heart of the Silicon Valley. With over 30 years of experience in machining soft and exotic metals, J.K. has relationships with many companies around the world with his expertise. His hobbies aside from machining are singing karaoke and running outdoors with his wife.

Nick Patel
Vice President

Nick Patel is currently working in sales and marketing for the company. His vision is to lead the company after his father into new technologies and emerging markets. His background is in Human Biology with higher education in Ergonomics with emphasis in Biomechanics for the musculoskeletal system. Nick hopes to tackle his dream which is manufacturing machined parts for the human body and many other applications in the medical industry.

Girish Patel
Production Manager

Girish Patel holds a Masters of Science in Chemistry. He has lived in both India and Kenya managing factory floors of medium sized companies. He currently has 12 years of experience working in the machining industry and is able to tackle and pinpoint solutions to to prototype and manufacturing parts.

GR Patel Mechanical Engineer


GR Patel a Mechanical Engineer graduated from University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Over 30 years of experience with different size companies such as Abbott Lab (previously St Jude Medical), IBM, Read-Rite, GE and Varian Associates across a broad sector of Design Engineering.

FAQ's About Us

What are some of the markets do you currently serve?

We manufacture parts for many industries including both commercial and defense. Our expertise for over the years has been maufacturing parts for Radio Frequency Devices in the Microwave and Sattellite industries. In defense: Detector Log Video Amplifiers, Equalizers, RF Sitches and Threat simulators are some of the parts that we machine on a continous basis. For commercial: Waveguides, Ground Planes and Isolator Circulators are some parts that we have manufactured with end use in Microwave Antenna Systems for wireless transmission networks.

What are your target markets?

We are currently working towards developing capabilities to design and manufacture parts for the medical industry. As of now, we have worked on some prototype work for medical scanning devices. However, our Mechanical Engineer's extensive experience in medical device, we look forward to developing parts with applications that are directly implanted into the human body.

What are some of the certifications that you hold and standards that you are in compliance to?

We are currently working with Perry Johnson Registrars to become ISO 9001 compliant. Also, we are close to becoming NAFTA certified. Our company is minority owned and and are able to a certain percentage of U.S. defense contracts per year.

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“We're a small and growing company looking to provide excellent services to our clients. We look forward to working with you and your engineering team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and manufacture them! It would be our pleasure into helping your company achieving goal.

Nick Patel, Vice President of P.H. Machining

Our Mission
Our  Vision

Our mission is to stay committed to our customers with quality design and manufacturing solutions in all present markets and to penetrate emerging markets as they are born. 



Our Vision is to create a presence as a design, engineering and manufacturing company in the United States. 


Manufactured in San Jose, CA